Conference Objectives:

The overall objective of this conference is for attendees to comprehend, communicate, and use key concepts and foundational elements of Cooperative Extension’s National Framework for Health and Wellness to address the social determinants of health in communities. 

The overall objective will be achieved by providing attendees opportunities to explore:

a. participatory and collaborative approaches with organizations and agencies to work across systems locally, regionally, and nationally in addressing current and future health and wellness education, practices, and needs;

b. innovative and creative strategies for development and dissemination of health and wellness information in their neighborhoods, communities, and states;

c. resources to assist in filling in gaps in knowledge and/or skills needed to advance the strategic program priorities and recommendations of the Cooperative Extension’s National Framework for Health and Wellness;

d. partnerships around social determinants of health, public health preparedness, health literacy and educational services with an intentional focus on underserved, vulnerable, and hard-to-reach population

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